“ The deeper, moodier side of alternitive chill-out and street electronic music for bars/gastro-pubs. ”

Why Chill Axe?
The CHILL AXE sound is one of chill and thrill beats, breaks, grooves and dubs. A moody flow of thoughtful music sets fusing electronica with R&B, Hip Hop, Dub Reggae, 80 Synth/Rock, New Age and New Deep House. The name refers to Chill as in "chill out music". Axe is as in cutting, edgy, sharp and aggressive at times. The logo shows the strong Axe as the main focus with a "Chilled" peaceful dove on front and stars under, all within a circle.

CHILL AXE, cutting beats...


Chill Axe offers this specific music style to bars and gastro-pubs alike. Contact dCONCEPT to book the Chill Axe sound at your venue.

Email Address: admin@dconcept.ca

Davidson Elie, Conceptualist
Email Address: davidson@dconcept.ca

dCONCEPT Branding & Management
Mailing Address:
20 Bloor St. E, 75101
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3T3
(O): 416.916.0899
(TF): 1.888.877.2179
(F): 1.647.317.9666

“Chill Axe is a dCONCEPT.”


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